Making a Safe Payment

We provide a range of payment methods, all of which are safe to use. We explain each of the methods and the security and safety offered.

PayPal Account

Payment can be made via your PayPal account.  As your payment details have been previously set on your account, no personal information needs to be entered and this offers an extremely safe method of making a payment.

PayPal offers the same level of protection for all buyers. It also doesn`t matter whether your item didn`t arrive or if the item didn`t match its description. When you pay with PayPal, your purchase can be fully protected for the full value of the item (including postage). And, even better, all purchases are covered, unlike the protection you receive on your credit card (covered by the Consumer Credit Act) where you can only claim for items above a set value.

Credit or Debit Card

We accept payment via credit or debit card.  Our chosen card processing gateway is PayPal.  In making a card payment via the PayPal gateway, you do NOT need to have or create a PayPal account; it is a one-off ad-hoc payment transaction conducted by our chosen gateway provider.  You are covered by all the benefits offered by PayPal protection.

Bank Transfer

If you have online or telephone banking, Bank Transfer is an easy and secure method of making a payment to us. If you choose bank transfer as your payment method, your order confirmation email will contain all the details you need to make the transfer. Please note that Bank Transfer Payment requires the buyer to initiiate a transaction from their bank account to ours; we do not collect the payment from you.